SOTOROJI #1 (2021)



Tea ceremony practitioners have long been enamored by the profound beauty captured in ink brush paintings and have attempted to express this vision in tea rooms and ceremonies. Tea rooms and their gardens are constructed to steadily encourage visitors to shed the impurities of this world to enter a world of the ethereal. The initial space, an outer garden known as the soto-roji, lies between the roji-guchi (entrance) and the chu-mon, a gate dividing the secular world from the profound. The guests attending the tea ceremony are to sweep away the dust of the world and immerse themselves in the world of the ethereal, to play in a higher dimension.
The TEA-ROOM, an art collective that expresses the objects, processes, and spirituality that make up the world of the tea ceremony with contemporary interpretations and elements, has created an installation work that expresses the outside world using QR codes, which have become a common material for efficiently connecting physical and information in the "information jungle" of the city. This is a new work in the SOTOROJI series.
In this age of physical smartphones and QR codes, a new affordance of "QR codes and camera activation" has become embedded in the human body. When more than 100,000 overwhelming QR codes are presented in front of you, you cannot stop the camera.
In this work, we have created a space where we surrender ourselves to actions generated from our environment and our coupled selves, ingesting new information and forgetting the past. Every time you access the QR code through this work installed at the very beginning of the exhibition, you see an activity that has been relegated to the periphery of capitalism. After viewing the work, visitors are given a sticker with a QR code printed on it, and each time they access the sticker, they were given a sotoroji that changes the destination of their visit.
茶の湯の世界を構成する事物や精神性を現代の手法で表現するアート集団「The TEA-ROOM」は、もはや”情報ジャングル”とも言える都市において、効率的に物理と情報を結ぶものとして一般化したQRコードを素材に、外露地を表現したインスタレーション作品を制作した。SOTOROJIシリーズの新作。

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Artist: The TEA-ROOM (Ryuta Aoki, Souryou Matsumura)
System Design & Dev: Ryuta Aoki
Server-side Dev: Kokoro Aoki (VOLOCITEE)
Lighting Design: Jiro Endo (SOIHOUSE)
Special Thanks: Shingo Takahashi (MINIMA), Mucha-Kucha

Past Exhibitions:

July 24th – Aug. 9th, 2021: Exhibition: Jack into the Noösphere

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