Introduction to Artificial Life Model Theory through Coding


Introduction to Artificial Life Model Theory through Coding, 2018

In recent years, "ALife (Artificial Life)," which seeks to understand the essence of life by simulating living processes on computers, has been attracting renewed attention. This unique book allows readers to experience various theoretical models of ALife, such as cellular automata and the boids model, through the implementation of sample code written in Python.
Compared to AI, which excels at organizing miscellaneous information and optimizing it, ALife has the characteristic of "creating new nature." It is believed to support a wide range of human creative activities, and its applications can be applied to various fields that require creativity, such as design, gaming, art, and architecture.


Publisher: O’Reilly Japan
Co-authored: Mizuki Oka, Takashi Ikegami, Dominique Chen, Norihiro Maruyama, Ryuta Aoki

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