ALIFE Engine


ALIFE Engine, 2019

ALIFE Engine™ is a dynamics generation engine equipped with ALIFE technology for expressing life.
At the University of Tokyo, the Ikegami Takashi Laboratory developed prototypes of modules that express lifelike movements in Alter 1 and Alter 2. In the development of Alter 3, these modules were modularized, and new functions were added to install them not only in androids but also in other systems, such as products and services.
A module equipped with a mechanism that autonomously amplifies and attenuates transmission signals and structures them based on the firing order and interactions of nodes in a neural network using STDP (Spike-timing-dependent synaptic plasticity) was developed. When neural networks are applied to finger movements, the patterns and behaviors of each finger gradually develop according to the finger movements.
With the appropriate design of input-output relationships, the technology can be applied not only to android movements but also, for example, to realistic light fluctuations, sound fluctuations, or various types of responses.
ALIFE Engine™は、生命を表現するためのALIFE技術を搭載したダイナミクス生成エンジン。
STDP(Spike-timing-dependent synaptic plasticity)を用いて、ニューラルネットワークのノードの発火順序や相互作用によって、自律的に送信信号を増強・減衰させ、構造化する機構を備えたモジュールを開発。指の動きにニューラルネットワークを活用すると、それぞれの指のパターンや振る舞いが、指の動きに合わせて徐々に発展していく。
Use Case: Android Opera "Scary Beauty" - Keiichiro Shibuya at New National Theatre, Tokyo


Director: Ryuta Aoki
Core Architechture Design: Takashi Ikegami Lab. of the University of Tokyo
Software Design & Dev: Takashi Ikegami, Itsuki Doi, Atsushi Masumori, Norihiro Maruyama

Use Case

Sound Installation “VOID SYSTEM”
Soundscape Generator “ANH-00”
Android “Alter 3”

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