Living Architecture


Living Architecture, 2018

"The Becoming Family Home" is a project that develops an architectural model and algorithm that organically changes according to the inhabitants and the environment, by applying the mechanism of "ant nests," which maintain and expand while keeping the internal temperature and humidity constant.
In Japan, it is said that by 2033, one in three houses will be vacant. The attempt to reconstruct the emotional aspect that homes originally possessed is being carried out as a joint research project by LIFULL, VUILD, and ALTERNATIVE MACHINE.
The smallest parts, or the cells of the house, are created by cutting clay into cubes with a 3D printer and then firing them in a kiln. The environmental factors where vacant houses are built and the comfort indices that residents feel, such as light and sound, are used as evaluation criteria to determine the position of the cells. In this way, the shape of the house organically changes, expanding as if it is growing, with the aim of the "home" itself being a family member that lives closely with the residents.
日本は、2033年には3軒に1軒は空き家になるといわれている。家が本来持っていた情緒感を再構築しようとする試みをLIFULL、VUILD、ALTERNATIVE MACHINE、3社の共同研究として実施。


Director: Ryuta Aoki
Algorithm Design: Atsushi Masamori, Norihiro Maruyama, Lana Sinapayen
Adviser: Takashi Ikegami

Past Exhibitions

July 23th – 28th, 2018: ALIFE 2018

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