UCHIROJI #0, 2021

A uchiroji means a inner garden in English and refers to the garden of the tea room beyond sotoroji meaing a outer garden. Guests sweep away the dust of the secular world in the sotoroji and immerse themselves in an even more profound spiritual world in the uchiroji. In traditional tea rooms, deciduous trees and flowers are planted in the sotoroji to express the changing seasons of the mundane world, while evergreen trees with relatively little change are used in the uchiroji to express the spiritual world.
Believing that there are clues to capturing the essence of the tea ceremony in the ceremonial spaces that invite people into the spiritual world, this work is an experimental project by the art collective "The TEA-ROOM," which expresses the objects and spirituality that make up the world of tea ceremony using contemporary techniques, to explore the inner roji-like spaces in the present day.
In this exhibition, the artists' creative process is presented in a work-in-progress format in the actual uchiroji, attempting to observe the experiential changes of the viewers.
精神世界へ誘う儀式的空間に、茶の湯の本質をとらえるヒントがあると考え、本作品は、茶の湯の世界を構成する事物や精神性を現代の手法で表現するアート集団「The TEA-ROOM」が、現代における内露地的空間を探求する実験的プロジェクトである。
Gentaro Yokoyama
Gentaro Yokoyama
Ryota Hagiwara
Ryota Hagiwara


Artist: The TEA-ROOM (Ryuta Aoki, Gentaro Yokoyama, Mami, Ryota Hagiwara)

Past Exhibitions

July 24th – Aug. 9th, 2021: Exhibition: Jack into the Noösphere

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