New Rousseau Machine (Kyoto Mounting Edition)


New Rousseau Machine (Kyoto Mounting Edition), 2021

For the 21_21 Design Sight's "2121 Futures In-Sight" exhibition, we collaborated with the third-generation owner of Kyohyogu Inoue Koga-do, Mr. Masahiro Inoue, to create a canvas finished with Japanese paper, measuring 900mm x 900mm in size.
For more details about the artwork, please refer to the New Rousseau Machine page.
21_21 Design Sightの「2121年 Futures In-Sight」展に向け、京表具 井上光雅堂の三代目 井上雅博氏に制作協力いただき、キャンバスを和紙で仕上げ、900mm x 900mmサイズのものを制作しました。
作品詳細については、New Rousseau Machine ページをご参照ください。


METACITY, New Rousseau Machine (Kyoto Mounting Edition), 2021
leveling strings, screws, voting and aggregation system “New Rousseau Machine", blacklight, Kyoto mounting
91(W) x 91(H) cm

Exhibition Credit

Artist: Ryuta Aoki
NRM R&D: Yasushi Sakai, Ryuta Aoki, Masahiro Sasaki, Yusuke Fujiwara
Production: Masahiro Inoue (The third of Kyoto mounting “Inoue Kogado”)

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