Bio Sculpture (Scene of a Future Boutique)

Hiroya Tanaka Lab + METACITY

Bio Sculpture (Scene of a Future Boutique), 2022

“Bio Sculpture” is an art project by the Hiroya Tanaka Lab at Keio University SFC and METACITY, exploring the theme of "Technology for Multi-species" in the Anthropocene. By opening the scientific and technological advancements developed by humanity to natural ecosystems, this project seeks to explore potential forms of technology and unlock the latent potential of natural environments. It presents sculptural works directed towards the natural environment, using materials that can be considered seeds of ecosystems. In the midst of a metropolis where the importance and difficulty of creating nature is often overlooked, the project encourages people to observe nature from a macroscopic perspective.
This installation was created for the 25th Japan Media Arts Festival Award Exhibition. It features a section of a work that was installed in Chiba City (Makuhari New City) for about a year. The project portrays a future where its original intent is lost, and it is merely bought and sold as a decorative item.
For more details on the artwork, please refer to the Bio Sculpture page.
《Bio Sculpture》は、人新世における「Technology for Multi-species」の探求をテーマとする慶応義塾大学SFC田中浩也研究室とMETACITYによるアートプロジェクトである。人類が発展させてきた科学技術を自然生態系へと開くことで、技術のありえる形を探求し、自然環境の潜在力を引き出すことを試みる。生態系の種ともいえる素材を用いた自然環境に向けた彫刻作品を発表し、自然の重要性とそれを作り出す難しさを見失いがちな大都市の中で、人々に巨視的な視点で自然を見守ることを促す。
作品詳細は、Bio Sculpture ページを参照。


Hiroya Tanaka Lab + METACITY, Bio Sculpture (Scene of a Future Boutique), 2022
3D-printed soil (mixed with red clay, black clay, akadama, and rice husks)
80(D) x 80 (W) x 60(H) cm

Exhibition Credit

Artist: Hiroya Tanaka Lab + METACITY (Ryuta Aoki)
Director: Ryuta Aoki
Space Design: Jiro Endo
Title Typography: Atsushi Yamanaka
Project Management: Takahiro Aazami (CG-ARTS)
Installer: Hiroshi Kanechiku, Takashi Nishino
Construction: Act

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