Bio Sculpture (Scene of a Future Boutique)

Hiroya Tanaka Lab + METACITY

Bio Sculpture (Scene of a Future Boutique), 2022

Bio Sculpture is an art project by Keio University SFC Tanaka Hiroya Laboratory and METACITY, themed around the exploration of "Technology for Multi-species" in the era of fire known as "Pyrocene.”
The aim of this project is to reshape the relationship between humans and nature by opening up the technologies and social systems developed by humans to the natural world, in order to restore and nurture ecosystems. The project is strongly influenced by the 2019 Australian wildfires, which are said to have claimed over a billion lives.
This artwork was created for the 25th Japan Media Arts Festival Award Exhibition. It is a section taken from an installation that was set up in Chiba City (Makuhari New City) for about a year. The piece represents a future where the original intention of the project is lost, and it is simply bought and sold as a decorative item.
For more details about the artwork, please refer to the Bio Sculpture page.
Bio Sculptureは、「パイロセン(Pyrocene=火新世)」と呼ばれる火の時代における「Technology for Multi-species」の探求をテーマとする慶応義塾大学SFC田中浩也研究室とMETACITYによるアートプロジェクト。
作品詳細については、Bio Sculpture ページを参照。


Hiroya Tanaka Lab + METACITY, Bio Sculpture (Scene of a Future Boutique), 2022
3D-printed soil (mixed with red clay, black clay, akadama, and rice husks)
80(D) x 80 (W) x 60(H) cm

Exhibition Credit

Artist: Hiroya Tanaka Lab + METACITY (Ryuta Aoki)
Director: Ryuta Aoki
Space Design: Jiro Endo
Title Typography: Atsushi Yamanaka
Project Management: Takahiro Aazami (CG-ARTS)
Installer: Hiroshi Kanechiku, Takashi Nishino
Construction: Act

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