Bio Sculpture (Scene of a Future Portable Lab)

Hiroya Tanaka Lab + METACITY

Bio Sculpture (Scene of a Future Portable Lab), 2021

"Bio Sculpture" is an art project by the Hiroya Tanaka Lab at Keio University SFC and METACITY, themed around the exploration of "Technology for Multi-species" in the Anthropocene. It aims to reforge the relationship between humans and nature by opening up advanced scientific technologies and social systems to the natural world. The project draws significant inspiration from the devastating Australian wildfires of 2019, which are estimated to have resulted in the loss of over a billion lives, including mammals, birds, and reptiles.
The installation was created during the COVID-19 pandemic for the "Jack-in to the Noosphere" exhibition held at night in a Japanese garden, as part of Chiba City's first art festival, "Chiba City Festival of Arts." It portrays the development of technologies to purify air in a future where microplastic pollution has progressed to the extent that wearing masks has become essential in daily life.
During the exhibition, real-time environmental changes were sensed. After the exhibition, the installation was placed near the venue in Chiba City (Makuhari New City), where microbial analysis and long-term observation are being conducted.
For more details on the artwork, please refer to the Bio Sculpture page.
《Bio Sculpture》は、人新世における「Technology for Multi-species」の探求をテーマとする慶応義塾大学SFC田中浩也研究室とMETACITYによるアートプロジェクト。人類が発展させてきた科学技術や社会システムを自然へと開くことで、人と自然との関係性を再構築することを目的とする。本プロジェクトは、2019年に発生し哺乳類、鳥類、爬虫類など10億以上の生命が失われたと言われるオーストラリアの森林火災の影響を強く受けた。
作品詳細は、Bio Sculpture ページを参照。


Hiroya Tanaka Lab + METACITY, Bio Sculpture (Scene of Future Portable Lab), 2021
3D-printed soil (mixed with red clay, black clay, akadama, and rice husks), Tent, Sensors
80(D) x 80 (W) x 150(H) cm

Exhibition Credit

Artist: Hiroya Tanaka Lab + METACITY (Ryuta Aoki)
Director: Ryuta Aoki
Installer: Yasuo Nagura, Moriyasu Chinen, Nanaka Matsuki, Mayuki Omura, Shin Aoyama

Past Exhibitions

Jul. 24 – Aug. 08, 2021: The Exhibition of Jack into the Noösphere