Ryuta Aoki

Hi, I’m Ryuta. I’m a concept designer and a social sculptor based in Tokyo.

I started my career as an entrepreneur who co-founded a web startup. After a ten-year career as a programmer in the consumer electronics and high-performance computing field, I founded a design company in 2011. Since then, I’ve started a career as a concept designer in art, science, and the cultural field. I used to call myself a community designer, but I found that this was just one of the aspects of what I do and changed my title. In 2017, I co-founded a bio-inspired artificial intelligence and robotics startup.

I not only design a concept, but I always work to realize it with my skills, which include System Design, Community Design, Project Design, Event Design, Business Design, Logo Design, Web Design, Media Strategy, Programming, and Creative Direction as well as work with communities.

I feel that these are actions that carve a view of the world and discover the new shape of the world. What I’m most excited about is the moment when I see how people’s behavior changes because of this new perspective.

2018/10 Speaker CEATEC JAPAN 2018
2018/10 Lecturer Future Unknown in Tokyo
2018/06 Jury ALife Art Award 2018
2018/05 Invited Ars Electronica Tokyo Initiative
2018/04 Speaker 078 sponsored by Kobe City
2017/12 Moderator Neil Harbisson’s Public Interview Studio
2017/12 Jury NHK Educational's Ideathon
2017/10 Lecturer TEDx Workshop in Japan
2017/08 Jury NHK Educational's Ideathon
2017/08 Speaker Kanazawa Institute of Technology's symposium
2017/03 Invited Salzburg Global Seminar
2016/12 Jury Nifty's Ideathon 'Chackathon'
2016/11 Speaker Web Science Study Group
2016/11 Speaker Nifty's EdTech Meet-up
2016/09 Moderator YouFab Global Creative Awards 2016 Talk Event
2016/06 Invited TEDSummit 2016
2016/02 Speaker Archer's Retail Study Group
2015/06 Lecturer NHK Director Study Group
2015/04 Speaker MITSUI FUDOSAN's Talk Event
2015/03 Speaker Art Gallery 'Mitsume's Talk Event
Before 2014, please check here
TEDxKobeSalon in 2014
TEDxEarthquick9.0 in 2011

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